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League    SSE Nat League 1                         
Doncaster Knights292405905467438174011780.69
Rosslyn Park292414863396467133011478.62
Old Albanian29131156786433511607148.97
Loughborough Students2912116604758-1547406142.07
Henley Hawks2911216579641-626505940.69
Worthing Raiders297022702908-206151005336.55
Hull Ionians2931254811019-5384202013.79

Points scoring - A club is awarded 4 points for winning a match.   Two (2) points are awarded to each club for a drawn match.  One (1) bonus point is awarded to a club who scores 4 tries or more in any one game and for any club who loses by 7 points or less in any one game.

Promotion/ Relegation - At the end of the current season the bottom club  of the Championship is  relegated to National League 1  and the top club of  National League 1 is promoted.  The bottom 3 clubs from National 1 are relegated - As far as Leagues 2 North and South are concerned the top club in each league is promoted to National 1.     There is a play off between the 2nd placed teams in 2 North and South for the 2nd promotion place.  The bottom three clubs in each league are relegated.

Club positions -    If two or more Clubs have the same number of League points at the end of the season the final league positions shall be determined firstly by the number of wins achieved and then on the basis of match points scored.   A Club with a larger number of wins in the League shall be placed higher than a Club with the same number of League points but fewer wins. If Clubs have equal League points and an equal number of wins in the League then a Club with a larger difference between match points  “for”  and match points “against” shall be placed higher in the League than a Club with a smaller difference between match points “for” and match points “against”. Should two Clubs have the same number of League points and an equal number of wins and the same match points difference, a Club having scored more match points “for” shall be placed higher in the League than a Club having the lesser number of match points “for”.  If this still does not establish the positions then the Clubs involved shall be ranked according to the number of matches won, excluding the first League match of the season.  If necessary this process shall be extended to exclude the second match, third match and so on until the final positions are established






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