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NCA Midlands Meeting

Date – Tuesday 19th April 2016

Time – 19:00

Venue – Coventry Rugby Club

Attendees – Peter Thompson (Chair), Norman Robertson (NCA Exec Chair), Dave Bassett (Secretary/Loughborough Students), Alan McCreadie (Stourbridge), Mervyn Wright (Leicester Lions), Graham Migdaiski (Scunthorpe), Malcolm Yates (Scunthorpe), Louie Clayton (Scunthorpe), Dave Marsden (Hinckley) and Steve Avent (Hinckley) and Dave Thomas (Luctonians)

Apologies – Ian Titman (Ampthill – attending London and SE Meeting)

NR placed on record his thanks to Ivor Horscroft for the work he had done over the years. Ivor had stood down following the last round of meetings and Alan McCreadie has taken over. Our thanks also to Alan for stepping into the role so seamlessly.

Adult Competition Review

  • ACR recommendations relating to 1st XV rugby will not be proceeding at this stage. All other recommendations continue but there are no immediate plans to restructure 1st XV league rugby.

Payment of Players

  • NR continues to feed into the group looking at this and has proposed a logical incremental cap e.g. if premiership is £5m, then championship £2.5m, L3 £1.25m and L4 £625k. If exceed the cap then no travel funding support and no opportunity for RFU financial support through loans and grants. This group continue to discuss and as yet a formal recommendation has not been made to council.

Standards for Levels 3 and 4

  • Works continues on this with the current thinking being that these come into force for clubs at Level 3 with 3 years to comply Further RFU funding support has been recently opened up to those clubs at Level 3 and 4.

Pitch side Trauma Courses

  • Regulation around pitch side cover is to be updated to a minimum standard of ICIS Level 2 qualified. NCA funding continues to be available to support this.

  • Medical standards document is still being working on and will include medical room recommendations.


Sennheiser/Ref Link

  • A reminder that the NCA continue to support the first procurement of these kits and once again a reminder will be including the start of season letter.

Structured Season 2016-17

  • NR went through the SS, which includes reserve weekends on 25th February, 18th March and 15th April.

  • Reserve weekends moving forward were discussed and there was a majority vote that these should fall on Senior England match days as supposed to England Counties weekends.

  • Fixtures for season 17-18 can include a pre-Christmas reverse weekend due to the number of available Saturday’s.

  • Fixtures will be finalised at least 13 weeks before the start of the season to allow the purchase of cheaper rail tickets.

  • The play-off game for entry into National One will be 14th May.

Insolvency and Plymouth Albion

  • PA have entered administration and as such have a set period of time to comply with RFU regulations before the RFU will make a judgement on whether they can continue at L3 or face a further sanction to the 30 league point deduction.

  • PA have to pay rugby creditors, produce a Business Plan, lodge a cash bond and also meet an owners/Directors fit and proper test.

  • There was a general discussion on insolvency and the thoughts were that the punishment should be much tougher and result in automatic relegation.

Postponement of Games

  • A reminder to all that clubs cannot postpone games, regulations must be following and only an independent match official can deem a pitch unplayable. The NCA secretary must be notified immediately.

Uploading of DVD’s to Elite Hub

  • Uploading of footage to Elite Hub will be mandatory next season with appropriate penalties for non-compliance

Uploading of Scores

  • This is now mandatory for all teams.


NCA Secretary Report

  • The constitution is currently being updated, as are the regulations.

  • Electronic MRS System – this will require the uploading of your team prior to the game, the system will automatically check again registered players but teams will still be responsible for checking loan/DR numbers. The system will not be compulsory to start with but will be encouraged. This system will also be used and compulsory for Premiership and Championship clubs.

  • The system will improve reporting, stats collection and also help protect clubs against administrative errors.

  • A reminder of the regulations relating to foreign players at Level’s 3 and 4, in particular for those clubs coming up from Level 5.

Future Format of Meetings

  • Potentially look to invite Level 5 clubs earlier in the season.

  • Have a presentation session per meeting, these could be from RFU Staff on facilities, HMRC requirements etc., or they could be from external people on subjects such as head injuries, general medical, energy saving, EPOS systems.

  • It was felt that the meetings do need to be quite dry at times with the communication of information and messages but having a 30-minute presentation and Q&A would help break up the meetings and make them more useful, especially for those attending both the NCA Exec and Midland meetings.

Midlands AGM/Appointment of Officers for 2016-17

The following were appointed at the meeting:

  • NCA Midlands Chairman – Peter Thompson

  • NCA Midlands Secretary – Dave Bassett

  • NCA Midlands N1 Representative – Dave Bassett

  • NCA Midlands N2 Representative – Dave Thompson


  • Leicester Lions reported a case of a player from Birmingham & Solihull who is trying to bring a claim against the club due to an incident in a game. The RFU have been engaged on the subject and will be handling the case.

  • Outside of the formal meeting advice and guidance was given to both Level 5 clubs who would be moving into Level 4 for the following season.

Date of the next meeting

  • NCA AGM – Sunday 5th June – 11:00 for 11:30 at Stourbridge RFC.

  • Dates for next season’s meetings – 18th October, 17th January and 28th March.



NCA Midlands Meeting

Date - Tuesday 6th October 2015

Time - 19:00

Venue – Coventry Rugby Club

Attendees – Peter Thompson (Chair), Norman Robertson (NCA Exec Chair), Dave Bassett (Secretary/Loughborough Students), Alan McCreadie (Stourbridge), Melvyn Wright (Leicester Lions), Tom Faulkner (Broadstreet) and Phil Kendall (Coventry)

Apologies – Ian Titman (Ampthill) who attends LSE, David Thomas (Luctonians) and Brian Kirkpatrick (South Leicester)

Uploading of DVD’s to Elite Hub

·       Leicester Lions not using Elite Hub at present.

·       Coventry, Stourbridge, Broadstreet and Loughborough Students all submitting footage and using the system.

·       Stourbridge had experienced some issues with footage these not being acknowledged but were addressing this with the RFU.

·       DB raised the issue of clubs submitting ad hoc, NR produced a document from the RFU showing this had now settled down and that club’s not submitting regularly would be removed.

·       All felt that a decision was required on making this system mandatory.

·       Time scales of footage being available were discussed with NR to follow up with the RFU – guidance and an update from the RFU has since been sent to all clubs.

Uploading of Results and Tries Scored

·       Only two clubs had not used this system on the previous Saturday.

·       General feedback was very positive, it was easy to use and the information was then available a lot quicker, this was seen as a benefit to all.

Pitch side Trauma Courses

·       NCA confirmed that 50% of the RFU Level 2 ICIS trauma course fee (£150 contribution) would be reimbursed to member clubs; this payment would be a one off – subsequent communication has been sent out to clarify this.

·       The subject of Doctors being present was again raised and there is still no consensus around this.

·       Minimum medical standards were also discussed briefly and Adrian Carpenter of Cambridge is currently finalising a proposal/wording to be approved by the NCA Exec.

Adult Competition Review MORI Poll

·       IPOS MORI player’s survey had been sent out with the club member’s survey to follow in November.

·       Outcome of this to be discussed at February competitions committee meeting. It was felt that this did not give enough time to review the outcome of the survey as results would only be available 1-2 weeks before. Therefore the advice is for club’s to lobby their CB rep to push for this to be moved back to the April competitions committee meeting, this would give time for the results to be analysed and discussed.

·       Wharfedale had held a players briefing on the survey and its potential impact.

Standards for Levels 3 and 4

·       This refers to the minimum ground standards, a decision around these would be postponed until the results of the ACR were known and implementation of any proposals outlined. It would make sense for any standards to be introduced at the same time as any changes implemented via the ACR.

NCA Executive Reports not dealt with above

·       NCA currently working with the RFU and advisors from HMRC around CASC status and updating of advice to Rugby Clubs. Further information to be released in due course.

·       The structured season was discussed around a pre-Christmas break and then 2 post-Christmas reserve weeks. It was the view of the NCA Exec that this would not be passed by competitions committee or governance due to the historic usage of reserve weekends. NR had completed a full analysis of reserve weekends which supported this view. NR analysis available by request.

·       A trial relating to match official communications at half time is being held. Regulations state that match officials should not be approached at half time and therefore the premiership/championship approach of using cards with 2 points on which can be passed via the 4th official would be trialled. This would be trialled at Level 3 and 4 for two weeks in October/November and feedback would be sought by NR.

·       An update was given around RFU Public Liability cover and which activities were including within the policy. The wording around this changed 2 years ago to a more specific wording, this change had not been previously communicated and therefore all clubs should ensure they careful read the wording and seek advice/additional cover as required.

Club Meeting Contributions

·       We are running out of admin money and therefore can all clubs who have not paid their £25 please do so ASAP.  PT to write to those individually.


·       None

Date of the next meeting

Tuesday 2nd February to be held at Coventry Rugby Club with a 5:30pm arrival for an earlier 6pm start. A buffet will be pr

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